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We are Direct Mail Experts interacting daily with and staying up to date on all the latest with the United States Postal Service. We’re fully-equipped with everything necessary to handle your mailing needs—mail processing hardware and software, high-speed folders/inserters, in line tabbing equipment, laser and ink-jet addressing systems to meet your needs. Tired of keeping up with postal rates and regulations? Wondering if you’re eligible for postage discounts? Let us handle all steps in the process: DESIGN, PRINT and MAIL -– so you don’t have to. With our full-service mailing services, we’re ready to SAVE you the hassle, time and energy to ensure your project is seamless, on time and on budget.

Our Mailing Services include:

    • Project consultation and graphic design
    • Printing production, including digital, laser and variable data printing
    • List acquisition and processing
    • List Management
    • CASS Certification and Presorting
    • Duplicates Removal
    • Move update – NCOA National Change of Address
    • Inkjet addressing
    • Folding
    • Inserting & Sealing – including hand operations
    • Tab sealing
    • Postage – indicia, meter or live stamp
    • Shrink wrap
    • Kitting and fulfillment services

Inkjet Addressing & Mailing

Magic Marketing provides high-speed ink-jet addressing, efficiently processing large volumes of ink-jetted pieces, prepared for delivery to the post office. Our process ensures that the quality of the addresses, barcodes and indicia’s being printed are the highest quality and error-free.

To prepare for mailing, our high-speed computers and inkjet printers efficiently process large volumes of data used to produce reports and inkjet addressed mail. We organize your data to obtain the best rate for each piece using our specialized postal presort software. Magic inkjets addresses and data directly onto your mailing piece at up to 600 dpi in black ink. Additionally, we offer high-quality multi-color laser services to meet your needs. When requested, variable data, logos, graphics, photos and maps may be included to add visual impact to your direct mail campaign.

We’ve been using Magic Marketing & Graphics for our direct mail campaigns. They’re easy to work with, anticipate our needs, and deliver what—and when—they promise.

Patrick S. Kotek , Sr

Vice President, H Jack’s Plumbing & Heating Company


Magic Marketing provides high-speed inserting using the latest in inserting technology while simultaneously providing processes for odd-shaped inserts and larger than standard envelopes. Using automated inserters, up to six pieces may be placed into envelopes sized from an A6 up to a 10″x13″ booklet. If the envelope or inserts don’t meet the requirements for automated handling, we can easily insert them manually. Larger than standard envelopes, odd-shaped inserts…it’s OK – we’ve got the staff to make it happen!

Match Mailing

Our system and processes of matching the insert with the envelope provides the assurance that the piece matches the intended recipient.


We provide all levels of USPS postal processing including: Nonprofit, First Class, Standard Presorting, Simplified Addressing and Every-Door Direct. Magic Marketing can process the mail under your permit or provide you use of our permit/indicia for First Class or Standard Presort along with several other processing categories. A variety of postage options are available;

  • Permit Imprints affords the most economical means to affix postage. You may have your mailer pre-printed with your postage permit or use our 1st Class or Standard Mail indicia’s and save time and money.
  • Live Stamps may be applied directly to the mail piece while addressing. Many clients report greater response rates on mailings where live stamps are used. We can apply live stamps directly to the mail piece while addressing or inserting — providing greater response rates on mailing programs.


Can we work with your list?

Yes! Using certified address standardization software (NCOA – National Change of Address); we’ll clean your data to meet the rigorous standards established by the USPS. Then, we’ll eliminate duplicates based on the criteria you specify and provide any updates back to you so that you can update your data. We’ll also process the data in the manner the US Postal Service requests to afford you the most economical postage rates for your project.

Need a list? We can make it happen!

We’ll help you select from the array of lists available, ensuring you obtain the list that most effectively meets your needs. Count on your knowledgeable Magic Team member to guide you through the list selection process.


RESIDENTIAL Addressed simply to resident, allows you to penetrate a large geographic area at minimal list & postage cost.

Offers demographic selection criteria including income, age, presence of children, dwelling type, home ownership, length of residence and numerous others.

Selection criteria may include any combination of geographical, SIC code, number of employees, revenue, key contact names, and phone numbers, to name a few.

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